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    This Side Up

    Teresa Solar Abboud

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    This publication presents the work of Teresa Solar Abboud (Madrid, 1985), which centres on the creation of sculptural ecosystems where families of sister forms create flows and communities, repeat and mutate in space. By working with organic elements, the artist constructs stories around isolation, immunity and connectivity that appeal to a contemporary subject, fragmentary and in constant displacement. Although sculpture occupies a principal place in Solar Abboud’s production, video has also been a relevant medium, especially in the early years of her artistic practice. Together with her working sketchbooks, they form the support for the origin of each shape, of each piece, and for the relations generated between them. Her most recent works are hybrid, syncretic beings with half-animal, half-machine bodies that occupy an intermediate space between engineering and mythology, emerging from times deep in the Earth’s mantle.

    Language: English

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