KIOSK48TH is a Danish online multi brand concept store providing a carefully curated selection of eclectic interior, accessories and arts. We pair functional everyday items with innovative, modern and colourful products. KIOSK48TH supports a wide range of local and global designers and craftsmen, and our love for long lasting and handmade items is strongly represented in our range of products.

The range of KIOSK48TH products will during 2021 grow and become an important part of our universe. We will focus on a bold, innovative and timeless shape combined with our love for colours and it's combinations. 

In 2021 we started representing talented upcoming and established artists. Artists who are deeply passionate about what they do and who dare to stand out through their work - and lastly who put as much love to the details as we do. The journey has just begun, and we are excited to welcome more artists to our universe.

Sustainability has from the beginning been one of our natural focus points. KIOSK48TH was founded in 2019 with a wish to show everyday vintage items which most people would have passed by, in a new curated universe. Today our focus is still on sustainability, both through vintage items, materials like steel and ceramics, and also through recycled materials like plastics and upcoming innovative materials.  

Our own little sustainable initiative is to collect and reuse as much paper, boxes and wrapping as we possibly can. All printed stickers and packing notes are done in our office to reduce waste and overproduction. We believe in giving all cardboard boxes a second, third or fourth use, meaning you may experience a little tear and wear on both the outer and inner packaging you receive. 

With love,
Jesper and Zenia - KIOSK48TH