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    Illustrators on Creative Processes

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    An insightful and visually rich book about illustration and the origins of creativity featuring the work of 26 illustrators with in-depth interviews where each artist discusses their ideas, inspirations and creative processes.

    Size: 15,5 × 2,5 × 2,5 cm
    Pages: 304
    Language: English

    In Illustrators on Creative Processes, readers will find a treasure chest of images by 26 diverse illustrators from 12 different countries that the author has gathered, selected and curated for the book. The types of images and styles vary, ranging from the child-like and naïve to the poignant, suggestive and truly masterly. In addition to the 270 images, the book contains 110 drawings and pages from notebooks and sketchbooks that take the reader deeper into the nature of each artist’s work. The visual elements are complemented by revealing interviews with each artist in which they discuss what compelled them to become illustrators, their inspirations, and the research, methods, personal philosophies and work processes that allow them to transform a creative impulse or an emotion into an idea, and an idea into a work of art. We learn about what drives and inspires them as well as the origins of their ideas and creativity, from an innocent curiosity about shapes and colors to the desire to share something fascinating and wonderful with others in a unique and original way.

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