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  • Edge notebook blue-Hanaduri-[interior]-[design]-KIOSK48TH
  • Edge notebook blue-Hanaduri-[interior]-[design]-KIOSK48TH


Edge notebook blue

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Edge is a high-quality book perfect for any occasion. It uses FSC certified Korean premium paper and is both fountain pen, ink and watercolor friendly. Minimally designed while accentuating primary colors of the book spine, the Edge notebook gives you the freedom to personalize your own cover.

Colour: Blue

Size: 11x21cm
Cover: 270gsm coloured paper
Pages: 128 / 105gsm blank premium paper
Thread binding / lay flat binding
Acid free and non-toxic 

Red, yellow, and blue—primary colors are the essential method used to create a broad range of colors. As a creative resource, Edge is the starting point to provide opportunities to broaden your thinking and visualize ideas. With a bold and eye-catching colored edge of the notebook, Edge features a minimalistic design while not interfering with your creations, allowing you to create endless possibilities. Each notebook spine is hand painted by the bindery artisans HANADURI is partnered with.