Shlf one layer
Shlf one layer
Shlf one layer
Shlf one layer
Shlf one layer
Shlf one layer

Shlf one layer

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With ’shlf’ our wish was to design and produce a simple yet multifunctional storage collection, with industrial elements and with endless possibilities of combinations. The shelves can be used in all spaces - as kitchen modules, office storage or as a full wall bookshelf. 
The 'shlf' collection is made of brushed stainless steel and the elements are assembled with visible bolts. The shelves can be flipped and will function as a shelf-tray. 
Height: 20cm
Depth: 20cm
Width 55cm
Wall fittings (brick/concrete) and spanner included
Load capacity: 15kg 
Design: KIOSK48TH 2022
Material: Stainless steel / brushed 
Production: Made in Denmark
Packaging: Flat-pack
Care: Wipe with a wet cloth+neutral soap and wipe excess water with a tea towel until dry. We recommend using ‘3M stainless steel cleaner & polish’. 
Price pr unit.