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  • Grain chopping board green-KIOSK48TH-KIOSK48TH
  • Grain chopping board green-KIOSK48TH-KIOSK48TH


Grain chopping board green

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Medium: 20x33 cm - Large: 25x40 cm - Thickness 1.5 cm

Color: White with green speckles
Material: Solid high performance plastic - PE HMW
Weight: 1 - 1.2kg depending on size
Load capacity:
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KIOSK48TH 2021
Production: Made in EU

Each board is unique and has its own distinct pattern. Dishwasher safe at low temperatures (40 degrees celcius). Store laying flat. Must not be exposed to excessive heat.

Our ‘Grain' chopping board is a durable and vibrant addition to your culinary space. With its smooth surface it is practical for all stages of food preparation and easy to clean. The reversible chopping board is made in the EU from a solid and high-quality plastic material. It has the strength to withstand the daily use in the kitchen and maintain its visual appeal. 

Medium: 20x33 cm
Large: 25x40 cm