Plastic Surgery 03 - pink
Plastic Surgery 03 - pink
Plastic Surgery 03 - pink

Plastic Surgery 03 - pink

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The Plastic Surgery Vase comes with a confident S curve. We might all vary in body shapes and sizes, but we can still own this vase and be whoever we are. Depending on the light, the surface of the vase changes, giving each an unexpected character. The collection includes various sizes and colors.

Plastic Surgery 03
H: 24,9 cm D: 10,3 cm
Recycled plastic
Clean with clear soap and water

ninetyoneninetytwo is a Copenhagen based sustainable 3D printing studio. The role of the studio is to design, develop, and produce everyday objects and furniture made from recycled plastic. We believe 3d print can be more involved in daily life. By using 3D printing technology, we can localize our production, minimize material waste, and reduce energy consumption. Our material choice is EU-sourced filaments from recycled plastic - PET and PETG, which are commonly used for drinking bottles and packaging. rPET and rPETG are both durable and high incompetence.