In conversation - 91-92

Name: ninetyoneninetytwo / 91-92
Age: founded in 2020
Brand Instagram: @ninetyoneninetytwo

Who are you?

We are ninetyoneninetytwo, a 3d printing studio based in Copenhagen. We design and produce 3D printed products in recycled plastics, our products categories from everyday objects to furnitures and artistic pieces. The studio is established in 2020, by Zeyu Rong and Weibo Sun. For now, we have launched 2 vases collections, one lighting collection, one side table and one stool. All of our products are 3D printed in recycled plastic in Copenhagen.

How did you get to start doing what you do?

Last year we had time to think about what we want to develop. We thought it would be cool if we can offer people some sustainable alternatives on their purchasing of home accessories. From day one, we have set the tone as we will only work with recycled materials. We found that the 3d printing technology is great for producing final products instead of just for prototypes. So the combination with 3D printing and recycled materials come quite naturally and we just started it.

Have you always been interested in designing and creating?

Zeyu comes from industry design background, design and create have always been with him. Before we started the studio, he had already been experimenting 3d printing for years. Both of us work in the design and furniture business and passionate about it. But we also feel there is something that we can do on creating things in recycled materials. ninetyoneninetytwo is a result of exploration of how we can go one extra mile on design and creating things with our own vision.

You primarily work with recycled plastic. What other materials would you like to explore working with?

So far, we only work with recycled plastics. We think we will stay with recycled plastic materials and explore the different techniques in 3D printing. The reason that we want to stick with recycled plastic is that we think instead of producing new, it is better to be done by using existing materials. Plastic is a durable and cost efficient material, but now it's ended up as the most common waste on the planet. It will be cool if we can keep reuse it . From exploring different 3D printing techniques, we will be able to give the recycled plastic a new type of form, texture and apparences, making the original durability and functionally lasting longer.

What was your thoughts on your creations? Is there a deeper meaning behind your work?

We want to create something for everyday life and yet, unconventional. Our creation is accomplished by using 3D printing, playing with different parameters to achieve different textures and shapes. The technology brought us much freedom as we are able to create things in a different way.

From the technical parts, we are trying to eliminate unnecessary waste as much as possible. We make sure there is only a single type of material used in each product. This makes the re-use and recycling of the material is much easier. Also we design every one of our products to make sure there is no extra element or tool needed for assembly.  So you will not find any glue, metal joint or any other material is used in our products.

If there is a deeper meaning to our products, it's maybe that we want to use our design as one of the voices or channels, to reach out and bring people together who are conscious about their lifestyle. Mind the consumption, choose wisely, marking everything in the most use of, learning by doing in a fun way. We hope our design can bring joys and a bit of consideration on this.

Where do you go to get inspired?

There are no specific places we go for inspiration. Most of the time we get inspired from everyday life, from small things that we probably are not aware of instantly, but at some point we blended that in our design. Spend time in nature, go to museums or be home, all sorts of places. Now, we can’t wait to finally be able to get together with friends and enjoy a true Copenhagen summer again, inspirations will just come along the way.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Instead of hesitating or overthinking too much, just try to do the thing you find interesting at that time.

What’s your life goal?

Be able to continuously do meaningful things we like in lifetime.

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