In conversation - Emilie Holm

Name: Emilie Holm
Age: 28
Origin: atelier based in Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation: Designer
Brand Instagram: @emilieholm.atelier / @_emilieholm

Who are you? 

I’m a newly graduated multidisciplinary designer working and living in Copenhagen. I work in the fields of objects and textile and at the moment I’m exploring the humble everyday objects.

At Kiosk48th I work with ceramics through EH ATELIER.

In my practice I work with obsolete shapes, proportions and colors. My vision is to open your eyes and senses. We have a huge learning though our senses and in tactility, which we somehow have forgotten in favor of the practical properties in everyday objects. As a designer I work to make enrich the everyday.

How did you get to start doing what you do?

Sometimes I feel it just happened. I’m a curious person, so what I do come out of a sincere fascination. Staring at an art academy was not in my plan, but I was lucky to meet people in the industry, who told me that what I was doing, was exactly what they did at design and art schools. So I applied and got in.

Doing ceramics was not a straight road either. I have investigated ceramic structures and shapes though my education. Each semester I challenged the teachers by not doing, what I was supposed to. But it led me to what I do today. Not afraid to try out new things and discover whatever there is to learn.

I’m educated from The Royal Danish Academy and Design Academy Eindhoven with focus on everyday objects and textile. With a textile background I have a very tactile approach to materials. This when I work with objects as well as scenography or furniture.

Have you always been interested in designing and creating?

I have always been interested, but honestly as a child I though everyone was interested. I was quite old before I found out that some people never thought of creating or enjoyed making something with their own hands.

You primarily work with ceramics at the moment. What other material(s) would you like to explore working with?

EH ATELIER is a playground. I work through curiosity. Anchored in material, structures, form and function. Besides clay I’m at the moment investigating aluminum casting! Very exiting since it has some of the

properties ceramics also does but the outcome in material is totally different! 

If interested you can here see my graduation exhibition in cast aluminum at the following link:

What was your thoughts on your creations? Is there a deeper meaning behind your work?

I am fascinated how objects are present in our everyday lives, and what we can learn from what we surround ourselves with. I as a designer work to make everyday objects come alive. Hopefully they will awaken some of your senses.

My work is all about perceiving proportion and contrasts. In material, in colors, in scale. A goal is to create imperfection and complexity that makes you wonder.

Form or function?

Vision. None without the other. I work to present you both sculptural form and practical function in one object.

Where do you go to get inspired?

Art galleries, people in the streets and of course the everyday. I can get inspired by the local grocery store as well as thought out installations.

What inspires you the most?

Contrasts. I seek them everywhere. In my own work, in how I perceive the world. I’m fascinated by ‘the odd one out’. In this case shadows are quite a phenomenon too. I like how they squeeze the shape of what we already know.

And then other people. One of my favourite occupations is to just sit and watch people.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

To be different is sometimes a challenge, but mostly an advantage.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I remember really badly, but I’m sure I’ve been given so many advises in my life. My biggest learning tough is to be able to say no and that you really can’t satisfy everyone.

Explore the work of Emilie Holm here.